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Historical Highlights

70's Belleli entering the Saudi Market as Construction Company and in 1979 established Belleli Saudi Arabia Ltd.
80's Establishing new manufacturing Company. and consolidation and expansion in Saudi and Gulf Markets
1983 Incorporation of BSHI Ltd.
1985 Full start-up of manufacturing operations
1987 Start-up of Jubail Assembly Yard Operations
1988 Awarding of QGPC Offshore Modules, first lump sum large project
90's Consolidation in Saudi Market and expansion in Gulf and Fart East Market
1990 Upgrading the Factory with Extension 1 and 2
1991 Awarding Lump Sum Major projects; Safaniya GOSP-4, Desalination Plant Dubai, Yanbu Medina Power and Desalination Plant.
1992 Establishing new Yanbu Factory
1993 ISO 9001 Certifcate
1994 Establishing of BSHI Dubai Branch
1995 1st Large export of Saudi fabricated components to the Far East.
1996 Upgrading and relocation of the yard, on the Module Pathwa
2000 Disconnected relationship with Belleli Italy

New Ownership and Management


Belleli Saudi Heavy Industries Name changed as BILFAL