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Oil and Gas

Gas/Oil Separation(GOSP) Plants, DGA units, Water Injection Plants, Gas Compression Plants, Desalting Plants, Dehydration Plants , Gas Treatment Facilites, Slug Catching Facilities, Regasification Plants


Hydrocracking and Hydrotreating plants, Visbreaking, FCC, Distillation and Topping, Catalytic Reforming, Desulphurization and Sulphur Recovery, MTBE plants

Chemical and Petrochemical

Petrochemical and Chemical process plants for Ammonia/Urea Fertilizers, Methanol, Ethylene, Plastics and other basic Intermediate Chemicals.

Power Generation

Conventional Power plants; HRSG boilers, Steam and Condensate systems, Auxilliary systems, Balance of plant, Combined cycle plants.


Gas/oil separation topsides, Gas lift treatment, Utilites modules, Well head modules, Topside jackets, Tension leg platform hulls, Mooring facilites, Terminal facilities.

Industrial Plants and Infrastructure

Desalination plants, Iron and steel plants, Aluminium plants, Cement plants, Phosphate plants, Process furnaces, Storage tanks, Oil terminals.